These rules are in place to help promote a fair, fun, and safe experience for vendors and customers. Please read over these rules carefully and let us know if you have any questions. Vendors that choose not to follow the rules may be asked to leave the market and, if necessary, will not be allowed to return.

Licensing / Permits / Certifications

All vendors must comply with all applicable city, county, state and federal health regulations at all times. Each vendor is responsible for obtaining, maintaining and holding all required licensing, permits and certifications necessary to legally sell their product at the market. These items must be submitted to the market managers to be kept on file. It is each vendor’s responsibility to provide current copies to The Barefoot Market LLC, as well as keep copies with them at the market to be available for inspection by government officials.


Each vendor, at a minimum, must carry and maintain their own general liability insurance policy in the amount of $1 million dollars. The property owners, The Barefoot Market LLC and organizers of the market are not responsible for injury, loss of life, loss of items, theft or damages. Vendor assumes all risk and liability associated with selling at the market, including theft, damages and injury. The Barefoot Market does not guarantee sales.

Vendor Fees

A flat rate of $25 per market day, for a 10ft x 10ft space, regardless of the type of product sold. All vendor fees must be prepaid. The deadline to pay is two days prior to the market day. Online credit card payments only. Cash payments can be made in person, at the market for the following market day. If you haven’t paid before the market day, you will not have a spot. We do not accept payments in any form, the day of the market. Larger areas can be reserved at an additional cost.

No Show

Vendors that do not show, and fail to notify the market managers at least 24 hours before the market open will not be eligible for a refund. Vendors that regularly miss or attend markets sporadically risk losing their spot to a competing vendor.

Vendor Behavior

Be nice. Be polite. Vendors must conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner. Treat all customers, staff, volunteers and market managers with respect at all times. If you have a problem with one of the other vendors or a customer, and you are unable to come to a resolution yourself, please find one of the market managers, and we’ll try to assist. Vendors or customers that cause a disruption and threaten the peaceful harmony of the market may be asked to leave, and if necessary, banned from future markets.

No smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs is allowed on the grounds of the market.

No loud or aggressive promotion is permitted. Radios, stereos, speakers, etc., may only be operated with the permission of the market manager.

Vendors must keep their space and their equipment clean and in a safe and hazard-free condition. After the market, vendors must clean up all trash and debris and leave the market space clean. Vendors must haul their own trash away to an off-site location after the end of each market.

Vendors may not slander, impugn, or otherwise defame other vendors or market’s good name and reputation, verbally, written, or electronically.

Market Cancellations / Holidays / Bad Weather

This is a rain or shine market. However, should the weather become severe enough to pose a threat to the safety of our vendors or customers, we will cancel the market. Vendors will have the option to receive a refund of vendor fees, or apply the fee to the following market. Examples of severe weather: sustained winds over 20mph, lightning, hail, extremely heavy rain, flooding conditions, etc.

Should a major holiday fall on a market day, market managers may choose to have a market make up day 2 to 3 days before the regularly scheduled market.

Booth / Tent Requirements

Vendors must supply their own canopy/tent, tent weights, tables, signage and any other equipment needed. Tents must fit within the 10ft x 10ft space allowed, unless the vendor is purchasing more than one space. Tent weights must be a MINIMUM 15lbs per leg for 8ft x 8ft tents, and 25lbs per leg for 10ft x 10ft tents. Weights must be attached to the tent legs immediately after setting up your tent. (no swinging or dangling weights are allowed) We highly recommend a tent, but they are not required. If winds become strong enough to lift your tent off the ground, market managers may ask you to take down your tent. In the event of high winds, all vendors may be asked to take down their tents as a precaution.

Booths will be inspected by market managers, and should a safety concern arise, you will be required to comply with recommended actions given by the market manager, including but not limited to taking down or completely removing your tent, signage, other equipment or items that may pose a safety hazard. Market managers should be notified immediately if a customer or vendor has concerns about any situation that could potentially be a hazard, or cause harm or injury or loss of property.


Products sold at the market must be grown, produced or made by the vendor. Reselling of products is not allowed at this market. This is a local market, supporting local businesses and the community. All products sold, including raw materials and ingredients required to grow or produce those products, must originate within 200 miles of the market location.

Truth in Advertising

Vendors cannot falsely advertise products and must represent their products in an honest and non-deceptive manner at all times, both in written form (on signs) and oral form in conversation.

All products sold or labeled as organic must meet the requirements of the National Organic Program. Only certified organic growers and producers may display signs using the word “organic”. If both organic and non-organic products are available, signs should make clear which items are organic and which are not.

Start of Market

Vendors may begin arriving up to 1 hour before the start of market to set up. You may drive your vehicle up to your designated space to quickly unload and move your vehicle, so others can come in. You cannot leave your vehicle parked while setting up your booth! After you’ve finished unloading, move your vehicle and park in the designated area. You may not park in the market area. You must be setup and ready to sell at the start of the market. Please ask vendors if they need help before you touch their stuff.

End of Market

Vendors are strongly encouraged to stay until the end of market. Please do not leave early! After the end of market, vendors may pack up all tents and equipment. Bring in your vehicle to load up and leave. Do not pull in your vehicle and leave it parked while tearing down. Under no circumstances are vehicles allowed in the market area during market hours!

Questions / Comments / Complaints

Suggestions for market improvements are always welcome. Complaints should be brought to the attention of the market manager, or submitted through this website. If necessary, the market managers will investigate the issue and if a problem is found, address it.

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